Sunday, May 04, 2014

God Blows Us Away!

My precious husband was praying for our time in America for months before we even knew if we'd be able to come. 

He was asking God for specific things. A van to drive that would hold 9, gas for our itineration trip to the Northeast, an opportunity to visit D.C. since we'd be so close, these are just a few of the things he was asking God for. 

He said to me, "Honey, I've never prayed and been so specific like I am about our time in America. I feel like this trip is very prophetic and it's an Exodus out of Thailand for all of us and I really want our time in the northeast to be a history tour for all of our children. I want our time here to count." 

We arrived in America on March 20th. We had our trip all planned out and would need to leave by March 28 in order to meet Chase and his fiancé on the 29th and be in each place on time. Each day was planned out for an entire month.

However, it was now March 27th and we still didn't have a van and no sign of a van.

Clinton told everyone that night to pack their bags as if there was a van sitting in our driveway. So at 11pm we all began to pack our bags. When the job was done we lined them up in the garage and prayed in faith for our van.

Clinton woke up at 5 am and put all of our bags in the driveway and sat with his Bible and his coffee and prayed for a van.

At 7am, Bank (who we now call Jaeron) came outside and said, "Daddy, I'm gonna wait with you. I want to see a miracle."

By 8am we were all outside waiting for our miracle.

At 9:45am a friend called and asked if we had heard anything yet and if a van had come. The answer was "no"

She said that the day before, she told her husband to bring home two checks from the office for $2000. She told me to come get the money and they wanted to help us rent two vehicles as there were no vans in our city or anywhere in the surrounding region available.

I excitedly went and told Clinton and he said that was wonderful but that he wanted to wait until noon to see if God would bring a van so that we could all travel together.

In the meantime, I checked out the price to rent two vehicles plus gas and it was around $3000.

At 12:03 our spiritual mother called us and said, that she had called a friend and asked her to pray for us as we needed an miracle and were waiting for a van to travel. After prayer, the woman said, " I feel the Lord has told me to help them out with $1000."

Mrs. Phemia, called us and was super excited. The woman on the other end of the phone had no idea how much we still needed in order to rent two vehicles, but gave the exact amount we needed to be able to make the trip with two vehicles.

Shortly after that call, our friend Mark called and told us that we could use his vehicle and rent a vehicle.

We called the woman who had given $2000 and told her that we had been given on car and would only need to rent one, but she said, "It doesn't matter. We want you to have it! You're gonna need it for food and hotels. You're going a long way with a lot of people."

Just before leaving, one of Clinton's Aunts came over and brought us gas cards, cash, and some cards for Sonic and Chick Fil A.  The total of all of this was around $400!!

We were totally blown away by God's provision!!!

At 3:01 we hit the road.

As we all got into the cars and Colton and his family in their car, we could see clearly the hand of God in having Colton have his own vehicle. I think God set this up just for him. He's a man. God didn't want him in the back seat of his daddy's van for this long road trip.

Our first stop was in Hattisburg MS. We stayed at the MOST amazing hotel!!!! The beds were SOOOO comfy, the room was spotless, the price was good, and the breakfast was great. If you're ever in the area you need to visit Microtell Inn and Suites by Wyndam

I'm telling you it's a must!! I give this hotel a 10 out of 10!! I don't do that very easily. Although I'm a missionary and can stay anywhere, I had good "breeding" and know a good hotel when I see one. lol

The next post will be about seeing our son Chase for the first time in a year and meeting his fiancé.

Until then.....



  1. I LOVE this story, Amber! Thanks for telling it and letting us in on the opportunity to rejoice with you!
    I agree with Clinton, in that there will be so many bonds broken off of you during this season of rest and renewal. And after that, who knows what He has in store!?
    Keep 'em comin'!

    1. We're so super blessed to be here. God has been so wonderful to us! I can't believe we're in your neck of the woods!! Super cool.

  2. So very wonderful to hear how God has provided for such a wonderfully fun stay!!! So excited for y'all! Please send our love and hugs to all those there that know us! And special hugs to Nonnie and Chase and traveling Garsees!