Monday, May 05, 2014

Why Hello New Jersey!

This whole trip to New England started with an invitation from Grace and Peace Church in New Jersey.

Grace and Peace has a been a long time supporter and friend of ours. The Pastor's son, Sean Healy, was our neighbor when Clinton attended at Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in Pensacola, Fl. Sean was also a student. 

With a jug of Sweet Ice Tea that we brought over, we quickly became friends with a group of boys we affectionately called "the Jersey boys"

The new Pastor of Grace and Peace, Pastor Jim Wheler, wrote and asked Clinton if he would like to speak at their Missions Conference. They offered to helped us with a portion of the plain tickets, and provide a hotel for all 9 of us! Amazing!! He said, "we want  you to come!"

When we arrived at the Ramada Inn in Toms River, New Jersey,  which they had reserved three rooms for us, we were blown away by their kindness and hospitality!!

These rooms, and the gift basket with a card was like water on our souls!! I was shocked at how meticulously they had prepared for our family. They thought of everything!!

They even had gift bags for our boys with games and things to do while we were in the hotel!!

Oh my word!

We love you, Grace and Peace and are honored to be linked up with you in the winning of souls in Thailand.

But on a serious note. 

Clinton preached a message called "When He Walks into the Room Everything Changes"

God moved in power! Peoples lives were changed. Words of knowledge came forth as did healing.

Colton was able to share his heart and passion for Thailand and even played a David Crowder song in Thai that he translated himself!

We're so proud of you, Colton!

Clinton spoke at a Men's breakfast on Saturday morning, and preached in two services on Sunday.

On Sunday after the second service, we prayed for people for at least an hour. God was with us.

When I was praying for a little old lady who was having ringing in her ears and pain in her knees, she began to shake and tremble. She said to me, "Oh! I think I need to sit down. I can't stand up."

She had a hot heat all over her body and God was moving in her body.

The next day she told us that she still had the ringing, but that her knees were completely healed!

Come on Jesus!!

That's what we love to see. God doing what only God can do!!

In my next post, I get to tell you about the most amazing "roll the red carpet out for the Garsees" story that just might leave you speechless.

Well maybe not.

But until next time.



  1. Brad and I just read all the latest entries….we're waiting on pins & needles for the next post!!!! Love the pics! Chandler has the same nose wrinkle that our youngest have! Also, we don't do Instagram, but I saw your pic of Zummo's Boudain! That ain't right!!! Jen

    1. Jen!
      I'm so glad you're enjoying it! It's so fun to be able to communicate all that's going on here. God's really blow us away! I mean really blow us away!
      It's not quit the same without you, but God knew that and sent Nitcha home with me.
      I love you!!